Prince George took on Varina in the Conference 12 semifinals and came out to display their overwhelming force in full.

At the bottom of the first, Prince George made an early lead with Justin Nase scoring the team’s first run. Several plays in, Tucker Majetic stepped up the plate, a solid swing getting him to second base. That same swing sent Johnathan Walton and Evan Kozen home. Majetic ran home soon after, following his teammate’s on third steps, earning the fifth run of the game. Bases were quickly loaded with one out hanging over Prince George. Their momentum continued, forcing Varina to try out a new pitcher. Eventually, after Prince George scored nine runs total, they got two outs in one play, one of those involving Nase sliding into home too late.

Varina, down three guys, had pulled JV players up to make a full team. Having to join in and play during the conference tournament debilitated the team, but after the first inning, Varina began to pull together. They scored a run during the second inning before pitcher Brandon Pearce got Varina’s third out. They began to hold Prince George where they were, a ultimately futile effort when the Royals scored their tenth run in the bottom of the third and the eleventh in the six, enacting the slaughter rule. However the score, Varina’s underdog resilience was impressive and made the Royals earn their early win.

Prince George’s Noble Graber was awarded the second-team catcher position for the All-Conference teams. His teammate Ross Pachmayr was first-team designated hitter . Tucker Majetic made the honorable mention. Majetic hit 2 for 4; both hits were doubles. He had 3 rbi. First-team pitcher was Brandon Pearce, who pitched for all 6 innings and had 1 allowed run. Johnathan Walton was made first-team all-conference first baseman. Walton hit 2 for 3 and had 2 runs. Evan Kozen, second baseman for the first team, hit 2 for 3, with 1 rbi, and 2 runs. Justin Nase made first-team outfielder. He hit 3 for 4 and had 2 rbi. Tevin Tucker hit 3 for 3, had 2 stolen bases and scored 2 runs. Tucker was not only awarded the first-team shortstop, but also was awarded the Player of the Year. Coach Mickey Roberts was awarded Coach of the Year.

The Royals went on to play in the finals versus Matoaca, the only team to have beaten them this season, the next night. The Royals won 5-4, earning the well-earned title of Conference 12 Champions. In the game against the Warriors, Majetic hit 2 for 3, with 1 rbi. Walton hit 1 for 4, with 5 innings pitched and 4 runs allowed. Ross Pachmayr hit 1 for 3 with 1 run scored. Jackson Rivera hit 1 for 3, that hit giving him 1 rbi. He pitched 1 innings and also scored 1 run. Shane Cooper had 1 rbi in his 1 for 3 hits. The Royals play in their first regional game on May 30.

Featured Photo: Wesley Bolyard

Brandon Pearce winds up to pitch during Prince George’s baseball victory over Varina.