Wednesday night, as the sun dropped, the boys shrugged off the cold to play what easily could have turned into a stalemate of a game.

The first inning seemed to be a warm-up inning for both teams, little happening for either team. During both halves of the second inning, a player got to third, but couldn’t make it home. It wasn’t until the third inning that something big happened. Prince George’s Justin Nase stole second, and with a hit by Justin Stark, he was able to get the first run of the game. A triple made by Tevin Tucker sent Stark to home base, giving the Royals a 2-0 lead.

The fourth inning was when the game started to slow as pitchers met a stronger offense. Dale had two walks before they got two more outs. During the bottom of the fifth inning, Prince George’s Tucker Majetic hit a ball to the back of the field, sending Nase in for his second run of the night. Majetic made his move onto third base in the next play, but was sent back to the dugout after the team’s third out. During the top of the sixth, Dale was able to load the bases with two walks. The Royals changed out their pitchers, sending in Brandon Pearce to replace Johnny Walton. Dale was able to connect a hit and they earned their first run of the night. Dale changed their pitcher from Nick Griffin to Elliot Manley when they made their way to the field. During the bottom of the sixth, Prince George loaded the bases with three walks. Manley went on to strike-out the next three hitters and keep the Royals from scoring any more runs. The Royals’s third pitcher Hunter Seay came in during the seventh. The Knights Jack Joyner earned a run in the top of the final inning, bringing the score 2-4, the Royals earning the win.

Thomas Dale’s D.J. McPeters earned a run. Jack Joyner hit a double and had a run of his own. Johnathan Walton had 4 strike-outs and 1 double. Hunter Seay pitched his own strike-out. Prince George’s Tevin Tucker hit a triple, with teammates Tucker Majetic, Ross Pachmyer, and Johnny Walton making doubles. Justin Stark and Evan Kozen both made one run, Justin Nase making two.

Featured Photo: By Wesley Bolyard

Royal Tucker Majetic comes in to third in front of Dale baseman Adam Brooks.