Vaccination volunteers and members of  Industrial Development Authority honored

By Zach Armstrong

PRINCE GEORGE, Va -- At the Aug. 10 meeting, the Prince George County Board of Supervisors recognized volunteers who assisted to vaccinate the community along with members of the Industrial Development Authority for their efforts to the county.

“Prince George is a county where volunteers matter,”said County Administrator Percy Ashcraft.”There's no task too big or small that we can't rally a group of people to come out and there’s no better example in recent memory of that than the assistance during the COVID pandemic,”

 “There's no greater asset a community has than citizens and you are citizens and you are the reason Prince George is a place where everybody wants to live,” said Supervisor Marlene Waymack. “You did make a difference for somebody so I want to thank you so much,”

Sussex County Administrator Richard Douglas, former Prince George Supervisor Reid Foster and Surry County Administrator Melissa Rollins (who wasn’t able to attend the commendation) were invited to recognize the Prince George volunteers as well.

Douglas thanked Percy Ashcraft for agreeing to host the Call Center for Sussex County saying “there are hundreds in Sussex who wouldn't have had the vaccine without the Call Center so it literally saved lives.”

Volunteers  who assisted with vaccination efforts were Tim Blumenschine, Lillian boyd, Ray and Shelly Boynton, Arline Bullock, Pamela Costell, Susie Clark, Sicilia Coplin, Mark Creech, Heidey Dans, Deborah Debeaci, Lauren Eggleton, Joan Fallen, Merry Ford, Sharon Hurts, Jill Harris, Pastor Chris Jenkins, Linda Jones, Wonda Jaswick, Samone Malone, Dedra Mann, Ashley Knels, Michael Polley, Jacob Roberts, Janince Rowley, Karen Saunders, Adrian Wallace, Paul Williams and Carroll Woodward.

The board recognized J. Peter Clements, F. Lewis Wyche, Jr., James E. Cuddihy and William Young for their service to the Prince George County Industrial Development Authority.

Clements was appointed to the authority in 1996 serving as its Vice-Chair for five years and its Chairman for 17 years. Under his eye, he saw the development of Southpointe and Crosspoint Business Parks, the construction of Richard Bland College dorms and bringing in a water tower to the county.

Wyche Jr. was appointed to the authority in 1996 serving as its treasurer for 23 years. He has owned a business in Prince George for 43 years and has served on numerous commissions and boards.

Cuddihy was appointed to the authority in 2010 and saw improvements in the tourism zone at Exit 45 in South Prince George.

Young was appointed to the authority in 2004 serving as Vice-Chair for 12 years and Chairman for 1.5 years. He oversaw the same developments as the previous honorees.

Anthony Townsend, who served as a Patrol Officer in the Fields Operations Division and received many commendations from citizens and businesses, was also honored by the board.