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Virginia House Delegate Lee Carter (D-Manassas) requested an amendment to House Bill 5005 Friday, outlining Virginia's budget allocations for 2021 and 2022.

The member request would slash Virginia's state police budget, House Bill 599, by 25 percent next year and the following.

In an explanation of the amendment, Lee wrote:

"This amendment increases the reduction in aid to localities with police departments to a total of $50.1 million from the general fund each year, representing a 25 percent reduction from amounts adopted in Chapter 1289 of the 2020 Session of the General Assembly."

The $50.1 million cut to the VSP budget would be accompanied by $41 in cuts to local agencies.

This move comes after the Republican Party of Virginia Carter was urged to resign in June after an alleged confrontation with police at a Richmond protest.

“Delegate Carter has not only dishonored the memory of George Floyd, he has also cheapened any justice that his killer will face,” the RPV said in a June press release. “The law enforcement officers in Manassas had nothing to do with the tragedy in Minnesota, and did not deserve to be screamed at and threatened by an elected official in the Virginia House of Delegates.”

Gov. Northam's proposed budget was prefiled and printed Aug. 18.

Member budget amendments became available Aug. 25.

After the Budget Amendments stage, the Budget Bill moves to Committee Reports, when the budget will be "critically examined" by the House Appropriations Committee and Senate Finance Committee.