Treasury mistakenly overbills real estate taxes

By Zach Armstrong

PRINCE GEORGE, Va -- Residents were notified from Prince George County’s Treasurer that they were overbilled for their real estate taxes after a mistake was discovered and is now being corrected.

The Treasurer's Office mistakenly sent an electronic file to mortgage escrow and servicing agents in October that falsely included real estate taxes due for the entire year, opposed to the first half that was due on Dec. 5.

A corrected file was sent to those agents on Nov. 1, 2021 with a notification that a corrected file was being provided. In a statement, the Treasurer's Office said it’s working with mortgage escrow and servicing agents to return payments received for the entire year.

"Every effort is being made to ensure that only the first half of real estate taxes are being received and posted for Dec. 5." read a statement issued by the office. "We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this error and will make every effort to ensure this does not happen again."