Car Crash

By Zach Armstrong

Staff Writer


PRINCE GEORGE, Va --  A suspect was put in custody following Fort Lee officials advising people living near the Army base to stay inside and lock their doors following a suspicious situation.

            An official statement by Fort Lee stated that they believe the suspect stole a car just outside the fire department and then drove erratically crashing near a gate used to control access to the base.

A spokesperson for Fort Lee said on social media that "Fort Lee police will be adding additional law enforcement professionals on the road while they continue to search for a suspect who allegedly fled on foot from the scene of a car crash,"

 "Police say they are looking for a man who allegedly stole an unsecured privately-owned vehicle at the fire department, was seen recklessly driving, and eventually crashed near the A Avenue gate Monday evening and fled to the woods on post overnight." the statement continued.

Fort Lee officials made a description of the man being a white male approximately 5'9" in height who was possibly shirtless. He also had a large tattoo on his upper left chest and was seen in the woodline north of Adams Chase neighborhood near Jefferson Park Road.

The suspect was not part of the Afghan evacuee population at the Fort Lee Army Base.