Rotary Club

By Zach Armstrong

PRINCE GEORGE, Va -- The Rotary Club of Prince George County gathered on June 5 to install and plant a native plant garden next to the playground at the J.E.J. Moore Middle School Sports Complex.

The garden features plants that are native to the general area of Prince George County including spicebush, milkweed, powpaw, joe pye weed, black raspberry, goldenrod, poverty oatgrass, orange coneflowers, purple coneflower, butterfly weed, ragwort, buttonbush and long-fringed sedges.

The center of the garden also features a puddle zone filled up with water, stones and sand which will attract birds and butterflies.

The Rotary Club of Prince George is part of the Rotary District 7600 which gave them a grant with which the club used to install an handicap accessible pathway to the playground at J.E.J. Moore Middle School in addition to the native plant garden. Members of the club joined together to install the project because there has to be a hands-on component to the work the club does with grant money.

“Rotary has been an exceptional partner with the county, without them wouldn't be able to do major projects,” said Director of Prince George Parks and Rec Department Keith Rotzoll. “It's a continuing partnership and I’m very appreciative to them they've put in a lot of work and money into projects for the embetterment of the county,”

Later this summer, the rotary club will assist the Department of Social Services with distributing items at the Back to School Fair.