Q and A with Dinwiddie reality TV mother

By Zach Armstrong

DINWIDDIE, Va -- Elizabeth “Betty” Gibbs of Dinwiddie County is putting the community on the map by welcoming her son Brandon’s Russian fiance into her home at Hummingbird Acres Farm putting her affection to the test on Season Eight of TLC’s 90 Day Fiance.

The series follows couples who have met online, fallen in love and have applied for or received a K-1 visa. The show documents how their relationship fairs in 90 days before they decide whether or not they wish to marry each other.

When Brandon’s friend was living in Russia, he was introduced to Russian native Julia Trubjina through a video chat after his friend saw her performing as a go-go dancer. Now, Julia has to see how well she can put up with the conservative rules and lifestyle set by her lover’s family.

In an exclusive Q and A, Betty discussed what it's like to be featured into American’s homes through reality television.

Has being on television been the way you imagined or what has been surprising about it?

Nothing like I imagined... surreal once the commercials and episodes started to air. What surprises me the most are the social media responses are all over the board. Some good, some bad, so I concentrate on the positive.

 Have you learned anything new about Russia or Russian culture from Julia?

Not sure if it is just Julia, or her culture, but she is very direct and not afraid to tell you how she feels. Respectful, but very direct!

 Have you always wished to be on reality tv?

No, it was never on my radar. I didn’t even believe it was really happening until the first time a bunch of cars and vans with our producer, sound, lighting and the camera crew pulled into the driveway! Then I was thinking, what have we gotten ourselves into, LOL!

 How do you think being on reality TV will bring Dinwiddie County?

Hopefully It will spark interest in our county and its rich history!! We try to mention this is where we live every opportunity we get.