By Zach Armstrong

PRINCE GEORGE, Va -- At a Feb. 23 regular meeting, the Prince George Board of Supervisors approved a series of items and made commendations to high achieving citizens.

Commendations were given to Auxiliary Officer Raleigh Fields, Eagle Scout Kevin Meza and Eagle Scout Chistopher Ganoe.

Officer Fields came to the assistance of a woman who drove in a ditch and rescued her from the burning vehicle moments before it had bursted in flames. Scout Meza received 1,250 pairs of shoes through his shoe donation for people in Haiti which gave him the title of Eagle Scout. Ganoe created a full outside worship center by renovating the existing chapel for the Ivey Memorial United Methodist Church which gave him the title of Eagle Scout.

The board confirmed a declaration of emergency issued by County Administrator Percy Ashcraft after the ice storm had impacted the county. The board was not able to quickly convene at the time of the weather event.

The board recognised February Benefits Programs Specialists month commending Benefit Program Specialists who work to assist TANF recipients, SNAP recipients, medical assistance recipients, children in foster care and more.

Director of Finance Betsy Drewry recommended to the board that the county hold an Invitation for Bid for towing companies to tow county-owned vehicles. Bidders would have to have a Prince George issued business license and have been in business for five years. Prince George does not currently have a towing contract in place for the towing of county-owned vehicles.

A contract between Grover Gaming Inc and the Company One Prince George Volunteer Fire Department for electronic bingo games to be installed.

The school division is in the final year of the DODEA S-Grant. The remaining amount of $293,112 exceeds the amount included in the FY21 budget. The school board requested that the excessive amount (of $131,678) be authorized in the current budget to go towards the school grant fund for instruction materials. The Board of Supervisors approved the measure.

Savings from bond refundings totaled $320,000 which led the board to allocate the funds to the general fund contingency. The board approved that a portion of those funds go to a Fleet Management Software Purchase for $66,718, pavilion improvements for $12,133, General District Court Room improvements for $17,382 and resolving electrical issues at Crew building for $7,994.

The board approved to use borrowing and bond issues for the purchase of a generator for Prince George High School for $179,220 and four new school buses totaling $412,000.

The board also approved to advertise and hold a public hearing on March 23 in the County Administration Boardroom to discuss issuing Virginia Public School Authority bonds to finance the new Walton Elementary School.