Prince George approves new solar facility, among other items

By Zach Armstrong

PRINCE GEORGE, Va -- The Board of Supervisors approved a special exception for a large-scale solar energy facility located along Alden and Arwood Roads in the Templeton Magisterial District. 

The Planning Commission recommended approval of the facility for being consistent with the county’s Comprehensive Plan and voluntarily amending the application to comply with the Solar Energy Facility Siting Policy.

The policy, which provides guidance to property owners, business owners, and County residents, was approved in August and the facility is the first whose approval was dependent upon the policy. The policy also gives guidance to Staff, the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors when evaluating requests for solar energy facilities. 

In addition to giving the green light to the solar facility, the board addressed a series of initiatives at its Nov. 10 regular meeting.

The board approved a commendation to Jacob Lively, Gavin McGee and Reece Weber for attainment of the Eagle Scout Awards. They also approved a commendation to Deputy Sheriff Edwin M. Betts III and Fire Medic Bruce G. Adams for their service to Prince George County.

The board unanimously voted to postpone a resolution accepting a land exchange agreement between the County and James R. Jones to Dec. 8 this year.