PG board votes on school bond

By Zach Armstrong

PRINCE GEORGE, Va -- The Prince George Board of Supervisors held their regular meeting on March 23.

A resolution authorizing the issuance of the Virginia General Obligation School Bond to be sold to the Virginia Public Schools Authority for the construction of a new elementary school replacing William A Walton Elementary School was approved by the board. The total amount of proceeds to be borrowed for the project were estimated at $32,105,000.

The board unanimously appointed Mary Ann White, Chair; Renee Garnett, Vice-Chair; Charlotte Seibert; Mabel Crockett; Terri Holman; and Susan Walters to the Senior Citizen Task Force. The board received a report from Tom Guess of the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries on the safety and statistics of hunting big game with a rifle. Deer hunting with a rifle of a caliber larger than .22 rimfire is currently prohibited in Prince George while hunting groundhogs with caliber larger than .22 rimfire between March 1 and August 31 is permitted. A caliber larger than .22 rimfire may be used for hunting all other game as allowed by state law and regulations.

The county attorney gave the board an option for amending the county code to include hunting big game during the regular hunting season with a rifle 0.23 caliber or larger. The hunter would have to be in an elevated stand at least ten feet above the ground, unless they have the disabled hunter exemption. The rifle may only have a round in chamber when on elevated stand, and the hunter must obtain permission from the landowner. 

The board authorized the advertisement of a public hearing to consider the amended ordinance for April 27 by a four to one vote with Supervisor Webb abstaining.

The board approved and presented a proclamation for Child Abuse Prevention Month to Hopewell/Prince George Healthy Families.

The board also approved that the Fire/EMS Department complete and submit a grant application to FEMA for recruitment and retention and complete and submit a grant application to FEMA for SAFER Staffing.

A transfer from General Fund Contingency for Crater WIB payment not to exceed $6,000 was approved.

An award of annual services contract for routine and emergency utility repairs was denied by the board with Chairman Brown, Mr. Carmichael and Mr. Hunter voting no and Mrs. Waymack and Mr. Webb dissenting.

An award for a contract for the maintenance and repairs of the Food Lion Water Tank to Suez in the amount of $170,321 was approved.

A transfer of $249,572 from General Fund Contingency for bond refunding savings for purchases and projects was approved.

The board authorized advertising a public hearing for April 27 for an ordinance to amend “The Code of the County of Prince George, Virginia,” as amended, by amending §2-731 to require when the County Treasurer or County Departments accept a payment by credit card or debit card, the County Treasurer and County Departments will add a sum not to exceed the amount charged to the County for processing the credit card or debit card payment.

The board authorized advertising a public hearing for April 27 on allocating up to $3.15 million for Fire Department and other Public Safety Capital Projects from the county’s previously issued $9,450,000 General Obligation Bond (Public Facilities Improvements Projects), Spring Series 2019.

The board authorized advertising a public hearing for April 27 on appropriating $27.9 million in debt proceeds to the Capital Projects Fund.