Over 40K Virginians receive COVID-19 vaccine

By Zach Armstrong

PETERSBURG, Va -- The Virginia Department of Health has released its COVID-19 Vaccine Summary Dashboard last week which showed that 38,172 residents of the commonwealth had been vaccinated as of Dec. 27 just a few weeks after the medication was approved by the FDA.

The VDH reported on Christmas that over 11,500 vaccine doses were administered in a single day. By the time this article is published, the number of vaccinations will likely surpass 40,000.

By the same date, 24 residents of Dinwiddie County; 44 residents of Prince George County and 63 residents of the city of Petersburg had received the vaccine according to the Department’s dashboard. Neighboring Chesterfield County had far surpassed those numbers with 1,661 vaccinations.

Fairfax county received the highest amount over any other locality in the commonwealth with 3,302 vaccinations.

The initial round of vaccinations are being allocated to front-line health care workers and long-term care facility residents and staff.

Those between the ages of 30 to 39 received the highest amount of vaccinations with 9,389 doses. The age demographic that had received the least amount of doses (besides those under the age of 20) were those above the age of 70 with 784 vaccinations although that demographic will be prioritized under the next stage.

According to race, 4,543 whites; 956 latinos; 486 blacks; 465 asians; 30 Native Americans and 341 of those under other races had received the vaccine. Female Virginians received 22,984 vaccinations which was more than double the amount received by  males who received 10,988 doses.

The commonwealth was averaging more than 4,000 cases per day at the time of these statistics. Virginia had reported 4,078 new COVID-19 cases on Christmas one day after a record high 4,782 new cases were reported.

There were 333,576 total recorded cases in Virginia as of Dec. 27 with 17,548 hospitalizations and 4,854 total COVID related deaths. 

The Public Information Officer for the Virginia Department of Health said in an email that the department is not disclosing which specific locations in Prince George and Dinwiddie Counties.

The next step to Virginia’s vaccine distribution plan will cover critical infrastructure staff, adults with high-risk medical conditions and adults ages 65 and older. The general public will receive the vaccine under the plan’s third and final phase, although that step could take up to several months to reach.