New bleachers installed for Prince George Royals

By Zach Armstrong

PRINCE GEORGE, Va -- New bleachers are being installed at Prince George High School for Royals athletic events along with other events.

Plans to install new bleachers for the Royals team started with Superintendent Dr. Lisa Pennycuff and the leadership team who began researching options over a year ago.

The current bleachers were original to the school when it was built in 1976.  While they offered a great solution at the time of construction, the bleachers were an open design which naturally created a tripping hazard. Installation is taking approximately one month from demo to completion.

“The new bleachers offer a wider sitting space and are composed of hardened plastic with a completely solid walkway and enclosed rises.” said Prince George Athletic Director Richard Carroll. “The first step onto the bleachers is much lower and therefore safer.”

The bleachers will be used by the Boys and Girls Basketball/Boys and Girls Volleyball/Wrestling/Cheerleading competitions taking place in the gym in addition to other school events such as pep rallies as well as serving as a back-up plan for graduation.

Prince George School Division expects the new bleachers will be a good investment for school athletics because “the new bleachers will provide a safer environment as well as a sense of school pride.” said Carroll.