Double Murder

By Natalie McFarland

Staff Writer


Maurice Eric Mulrain faces as much as life in prison when he’s sentenced in June for the deaths of Julian Sharpe and Elisa Scott back in August 2020.

On Friday, February 24, a Hopewell jury convicted Mulrain of first-degree murder for the shooting death of Sharpe and second-degree murder for the death of Scott. The killings occurred on August 20, 2020, in front of a home on Central Avenue. him over an alleged sexual encounter with one of the mothers of Mulrain's children, and her because she came to the door to see what was taking place outside.

The victims were both 39 years of age. Each had several gunshot wounds throughout their bodies, some of which had broken bones. Scott passed away at VCU Medical Center in Richmond about an hour after Sharpe, who passed away at the scene.

Mulrain, 32, will be given a sentence on June 21 and could receive up to 40 years in prison for Scott's murder and up to life in prison for Sharpe's. The judge will decide whether the sentences run simultaneously or consecutively at the sentence hearing.