Fort Pickett to start housing refugees

PRINCE GEORGE, VA- Governor Ralph Northam announced on Tuesday that another Virginia military base would be taking in refugees from Afghanistan.

Northam said that 6,000 individuals have arrived and been processed in Virginia from Afghanistan and will now be housed at Fort Pickett in Blackstone in addition to the Fort Lee Military base in Prince George County. The Governor also said that more are expected to come.

“It starts with them landing in Dulles, being processed, tested for COVID, offered vaccinations, and then they’re being moved to either Fort Lee or Fort Pickett where plans are made for further disposition whether they go to other states or stay here in Virginia; about 10% are staying here in Virginia,” Northam said.

According to Governor Northam, Fort Pickett is now one of many military bases across the country housing Afghanistan refugees. Others include: Fort McCoy in Wisconsin, Fort Bliss in Texas, Fort Dix in New Jersey and Fort Lee in Prince George County.