Dinwiddie Fire officials advise closing doors at night

By Zach Armstrong

DINWIDDIE, Va -- Officials of Dinwiddie’s firefighting department spoke out urging locals to close their doors before they go to sleep at night to prevent injuries or property damage in the case of a fire.

Ray Blake, Fire Training Lieutenant of Dinwiddie, referenced research that proves that closing your bedroom door and other doors at night can significantly reduce how much a fire spreads in your home to ABC8 news.

“Being able to shut the door and compartmentalize that fire and control the flow paths buys valuable time for us to be able to get there and do what we need to do to be able to put the fire out,” Blake said to ABC8. “Obviously life safety is always the most important thing, but we also hate for people to lose their family possessions, family Bibles, any pictures, things of that nature,”

According to Blake, closing one’s doors at night reduces how rapidly a fire can spread inside a home. Homes today are often constructed with certain types of materials and will also include synthetic furniture inside which has reduced the time to get out of a house from 17 minutes to three minutes.

Closing doors before going to bed at night can therefore increase the amount of time fire officials have to arrive at location and put out the fire.

“Fires where people have shut the door and have been able to compartmentalize the fire makes it a whole lot easier for us when we get there,” Blake said ABC8 adding that if you have a second story in your home, one should get escape ladders and practice using them.

The report by WRIC came during the holiday season when an annual increase in home fires occur as more people are home for the holidays.