By Zach Armstrong

PRINCE GEORGE, Va -- The preliminary results for Prince George County in the 2020 census data is showing an impressive population boost for the county making it one of the fastest growing localities in the commonwealth.

According to VPAP.org, who reported statewide results of the 2020 census for each locality in Virginia, Prince George County has grown 20.3% (7,285 people) over the last decade to an estimated population of 43,010. The county also increased its housing stock by 1,322 units over the last decade.

The numbers make Prince George the fifth fastest growing locality in Virginia over the last decade. Other Virginia localities that saw greater growth rates were Loudoun County, New Kent County, Stafford County and the City of Manassas Park.

“County Staff following this process for the last couple years expected an increase.” said County Administrator Percy Ashcraft in a social media post. “Comparisons with our neighboring localities saw Prince George land the most growth by a large margin, which was the surprising factor.”

Federal officials have recently been committed to counting the population in Prince George to include Fort Lee, Riverside Regional Jail and the two federal correctional institutions. About 21% of the County’s population accounts from these entities.

Unofficial growth rates for the Tri-Cities area are as follows: Prince George 20.3%, Chesterfield 15.3%, Colonial Heights 4.4%, Petersburg - 3.2%, Hopewell 1.9%, Dinwiddie -0.2%, Charles City -6.6%, Surry -7.0% and Sussex -10.4%.

Statistics on race and ethnicity for Prince George showed that the White population stands at 55.4%, the Black population stands at 30.1%, the Multi-Racial population stands at 7.1%, the Asian population stands at 2%, the latino population stands at 1% while others stand at 5.4%.