By Zach Armstrong

HOPEWELL, Va -- The Masonic Masons, an organization and brotherhood with a simple mission of helping other people, disassembled a no longer needed handicap ramp from a residence in Claremont and moved and reassembled it at a residence in need located in Hopewell.

After a resident who had a handicap ramp installed after being hospitalized years ago passed away, the masons took up the job of removing it from his home. Then less than a year later, a family became in need in Hopewell when the husband was also hospitalized and became in need of a ramp. Once the masons became aware, they took their trailer up to the residence on Jan. 30 and put the ramp up.

“The things we try to do best is to take good men and we try to make good men better and we try to do good for all,” said Gene Milburn, Masonic Mason at the Claremont Lodge in Claremont. “If you want to know how to become mason, ask a mason,”

The organization is based in the Grand Lodge of Virginia located in Richmond established in 1778.

The Grand Lodge of Virginia consists of over 300 Masonic Lodges with over 33,000 members throughout Virginia. Freemasonry is an international Fraternity of over 4.7 million members. Many founding fathers, including thirteen signers of the Constitution, were Masons in addition to 14 U.S. Presidents including George Washington, James Monroe and William McKinley.