Broadband expansion passes over 2,600 PG homes

By Zach Armstrong

PRINCE GEORGE, Va -- Prince George County is continuing to bring broadband access to the homes of county residents.

The Board of Supervisors partnered with Prince George Enterprises and the Prince George County Industrial Development Authority to give $1 million two different times to kickstart the broadband project.

According to a Tumblr post by County Administrator Percy Ashcraft, the initiative has “garnered numerous state and national awards and has put Prince George County well ahead of most rural broadband projects.”

Prince George Enterprises, a subsidiary of Prince George Electric Cooperative, is the vendor running fiber past homes of Prince George County residents. According to PGE President Casey Logan in an update given to the Prince George Board of Supervisors, broadband has now passed 2,658 Prince George homes, with 1,256 sign ups.

Logan is hoping for 275 miles of new construction to serve all of Prince George County by 2024 serving 7,700 homes. The project would cost an estimated $11.7 million.

The network is described as having a “lightning-fast upload and download” and multiple devices can run applications with no service loss  or slow downs.

Logan said a priority will be to “increase communications and member outreach to build credibility and reputation for transparency.” His company plans to update members and potential subscribers through social media (such as Facebook and email) along with door hangers and yard signs about new zones and the progress on the fiber.

Ashcraft’s Tumblr post also stated that “Logan also sees a partnership developing with Dominion Power that will share responsibilities in bringing broadband to residents.”