BOS Meeting

By Zach Armstrong

PRINCE GEORGE, Va -- The Prince George County Board of Supervisors held their last regularly scheduled meeting before the upcoming Nov. 3 elections.

The monthly regular meeting began with an update on the county’s farmers market. The market is offering online ordering by Thursday of each week and will likely continue to do so through 2021. Their facebook page is reportedly strong with a strong facebook live presence and engaging members.

Chairman of the board made a comment on the current state of the electoral system’s efficiency. There are 24,099 votes registered currently in Prince George County. 5,051 absentee ballots have been issued in the county while 3,724 of those have been returned.

An update on CARES funding showed that 64 Prince George County businesses had received approximately $1.6 million in small business grants with a little over $50,000 remaining among 131 applicants.

According to social services, 120 families have been assisted through $259,588 in grants for various services including haircuts, food, rent, electricity and garbage services. Hazard pay will start being paid to first responders with a rate of $1.70 per hour for March through Oct. 15. First responders will also get supplemental income for their work from October through December.

A budget transfer was unanimously approved so that CARES Coronavirus Relief Funds initially meant for summer lunch programs in schools in the amount of $13,018.81 (the amount of the surplus) to technology hardware.

A contract to Sweetie Boys Fab Works for towing services of inoperable vehicles was approved with a vote of four to one with Hunter, Brown, Waymack and Webb in favor and Carmichael opposed. An award of contract for structural firefighting turnout gear, donation of a surplus vehicle to Prince George Volunteer Fire Department and an award of contract in the amount of $62,085 for replacement of HVAC systems at the radio tower sites were unanimously approved.

“Voting is ongoing and I can tell you the allway was busy today and it does my heart good seeing people doing their duty,” said Chairman Donald Hunter.

A commendation was presented to Dinwiddie resident Bennett Owen Stoke for the attainment of the Eagle Scout Award. An appropriation of $9,630.41 was approved for insurance recoveries for repairment of a Police vehicle.

The board received an update on pavilion projects which will total $12,133. The Scott Park Pavilion is set to cost $3,813 while the Temple Park Large Pavilion is set to cost $6,200 and the Temple Park Small Pavilion is set to cost $2,120.

The CEO of PGEC Enterprises Casey Logan presented an update about their fiber-optic network that delivers internet. By Sept. 21, their service Rural Band had connected 971 Prince George County residents to the internet. The service opened up to Chippokes Road, Ellis Road, Lone Oak Mill Road, Lebanon Road, Williams Lane and Fox Hollow Road this year.

Betsy Drewry requested that over $2 million from unexpected expenditures be appropriated for capital projects. The board approved $2.1 million last year for capital stormwater improvement projects but only $4,075 of that many was used.

The Board postponed a resolution accepting a land exchange agreement with the county and moved the scheduled Nov. 12 meeting to Nov. 10 for the Board.