Spirit of Giving: Walton ES 4th grader uses year’s allowance to help food drive

By: Sherry Williams Kidd | Twitter: @PGJournal
Posted: November 22, 2018 | 12:30 p.m. 

PRINCE GEORGE – As Thanksgiving and Christmas approach, the ideals of caring for your fellow man and helping those in need become even more prolific as people young and old do their part.

In Prince George, Boyd Crist, Jr., a 4th grader at Walton Elementary School, turned those ideas into action and, in doing so, may help many in the community have a wonderful holiday season.

Boyd would probably not be considered your average nine-year-old. Since Boyd entered kindergarten, he has saved his allowance and Tooth Fairy money to buy canned goods for the Elf Helper’s food drive at Walton Elementary. He has never missed a single year of the food drive!

“He increases his goal for the Elf Helper’s food drive every year,” said Michelle Crist, Boyd’s mother. “He insists on saving his money, budgeting how much food he will be able to buy, and goes shopping with me to pick out the canned food items. He has never had or been given, any kind of incentive to do this. He does it because he believes it is the right thing to do. Every year Boyd asks for very little for himself at Christmas, but he has all kinds of ideas on things that we should give as presents to others.”

Boyd Crist surrounded by the bounty of his contribution!

Boyd’s most recent contribution to this year’s Elf Helper’s food drive surpassed his own record. He came through with an amazing contribution of 144 cans of food for those in need.

“Boyd is such an amazing young man,” said Angie Johnson, Boyd’s Teacher. “He is always willing to help in the class and his community. I am so lucky to have him in my class. He always makes me smile.”

Boyd is the son of Boyd and Michelle Crist of Prince George County. He has one younger brother, Brenton, age 7, and both of Boyd’s parents say that he is very protective of his younger brother.

“Boyd is always thinking about others,” said Aidan O’Hare, Teacher. “His enthusiasm about giving is such a great example for all who have the pleasure of knowing him.”

At this wonderful, caring, and giving time of year, it would perhaps behoove all of us to take a page out of this amazing young man’s book. 

Let Boyd Crist be an example for all of us. Happy Thanksgiving!

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