Several county subdivisions under water restrictions following water system damage

By: Michael Campbell | Twitter: @itsthesoup
Posted: May 7, 2019 | 1:25 p.m.

PRINCE GEORGE – Several county subdivisions have been placed under water usage restrictions after a severe storm caused damage to a key asset in the county’s water system, requiring likely lengthy repairs.

According to a statement from county officials, all customers of Beechwood Manor, Jordan on the James, and Eagle Preserve water systems have been placed under water restrictions until further notice after a strong thunderstorm Sunday caused a tree to fall through the roof of the county’s water storage building.

While the county said they are “working quickly” to replace the roof, sanitize the storage area and return the water system to proper operation, they advise those tasks “can take up to several weeks to complete,” necessitating the announcement of water restrictions for three Prince George communities.

“Therefore, it is necessary to continue the water use restrictions that are currently being imposed on these neighborhoods to maintain the integrity of the system and assure adequate water for fire protection,” a letter from the county’s utilities department detailed. “While the repairs take place, you may experience lower pressures than normal.”

As part of the restriction, customers in the three communities are prohibited from “sprinkling, watering or irrigation of new and established lawns,” washing cars, including commercial vehicles, and “the outdoor surfaces of all buildings and structures, sidewalks, and driveways,” and “filling or cleaning … swimming, wading pools, and decorative fountains.”

Those found violating these restrictions in these three communities face a $100 fine and, “in a case of a continuing violation, each day’s continuance thereof shall be deemed a separate and distinct offense with fines escalating in accordance with Prince George County ordinance.”

The county said it would alert the communities once the repairs are completed and when the restrictions are lifted.

Those with questions are asked to contact the county’s utilities department director Frank Haltom at 804-722-8688 or

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