School Board adopts teacher salary scale

By: Meredith Baker | Email: Click Here
Posted: May 29, 2018 | 12:40 p.m. 

PRINCE GEORGE – The Prince George County School Board has approved a new teacher salary scale to be implemented before the start of the new school year. 

Under this new scale, the starting salary for a teacher will increase from $42,114 to $42,657. 

Director of Finance Rebecca Hicks said that the division is moving from eight salary scales to just two scales, one for teachers and one for everyone else. The new teacher scale includes 35 steps that are intended to correlate with years of experience, though experience and steps may not match exactly as the division moves to the new scale. 

“For the superintendent’s proposed budget, we used lateral transfers, so if an employee is currently on step 15 on the old scale, they go to step 15 on the new scale,” Hicks said. 

The current scale has 40 steps, but it tops out at $67,751.00, whereas the new scale goes up to $68,593.00. Teachers in the upper ten steps of the old scale may be placed in a step lower than the one they are currently on as the division tries to consolidate 40 steps into 35 while still rewarding experience, but those teachers should still see a raise on the new scale. 

The school board did consider a measure to move teachers in the first eight steps up a step this fall, but the measure did not pass, though board members Chris Johnson and Lewis Stevenson voted for it. Johnson had proposed moving those teachers up so that the percent of their salary increases would be closer to the percent of the increases that teachers in some of the higher steps are going to see when they move to the new scale.

“I don’t think it’s equitable without re-adjusting these first few steps,” Johnson said. 

Hicks said that supplemental pay for education beyond a bachelor’s degree will remain the same for the upcoming year. Teachers can make anywhere from $500 in additional pay for having 12 credits over a bachelor’s degree to $2,400 for holding a doctorate. 

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