Richmond native named news editor for three Womack Publishing papers

Jami Snead
Staff Writer
The South Hill Enterprise            

Womack Publishing is pleased to announce that, effective June 29, Rodney Robinson will be taking over as new editor of the Dinwiddie Monitor, Prince George Journal, and Sussex-Surry Dispatch.

Robinson is a native of Richmond where he graduated from Henrico High School in 2015. He attended Virginia Commonwealth University as an Accounting major but decided later to change his educational path from accounting to journalism with a concentration on print and online resources. He graduated from VCU in May of this year with his bachelors degree.

“Journalism was something I became interested in once I got to college. I’ve always read articles growing up as a kid, mostly sports articles, but my love for journalism took place in college. In my freshman year, I began writing for our school newspaper, The Commonwealth Times, and I loved it and changed my major shortly after,” said Robinson. He continued, “When I first began to write articles and study journalism in school, I enjoyed the entire process of talking to people in the community and reporting meaningful information. I wanted to continue doing that because I believed that this was the best way to help make a difference and keep the community informed. I believe that journalism can have a meaningful impact and that’s what has pushed me to keep learning and to keep going. I wanted to have a meaningful impact that’s bigger than just awards or even me and I think journalism is a way to do that.”

So far, in his journalism career Robinson has gotten a lot of practice covering different topics such as local elections, city hall meetings, and sports. “I was very fortunate to be introduced to different ways of reporting news and information and I think it has prepared me for this position.”

Since the start of his employment with Womack Publishing Robinson says that “everyone is really nice and very helpful”. He says, “I feel that I can easily communicate any concerns that I may have and I look forward to continuing to working with everyone.”

“I want readers to know that I am always here and that I am at the service of the community. I am always available if you want to voice your concerns or just to be heard. One thing about me is that I am very approachable and I listen. The purpose of a journalists in the community is to inform and to hold leaders and officials in the community accountable and I intend to do that.”

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