Pro angler from Prince George places 5th in National Bassmaster Classic

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Posted: Apr. 1, 2018 | 3:35 p.m. 

PRINCE GEORGE – Local pro angler, Jacob Powroznik of Prince George County placed 5th in the National Bassmaster Classic tournament held on March 16 through 18. This fierce yearly-competition is known as the Super Bowl of Bass Fishing. The tournament is held on Lake Hartwell, Greenville, South Carolina.

Unbelievably, Powroznik has only competed in this competition for four-years—which makes this accomplishment all the more impressive. For many fishing enthusiasts throughout central-Virginia, the Commonwealth, and the country, this makes Powroznik something of a “fishing rock star!”

Powroznik is one of those extremely-fortunate individuals that has been able to turn his passion, joy, and hobby, into a successful and lucrative career. Taking fifth place in the National Bassmaster Classic tournament, netted Powroznik a cool $25,000 purse! Not a bad take while doing something you love!

The first-place winner of the tournament won $300,000! Powroznik caught 43-pounds 4-ounces for the three-day tournament; the first-place winner had 46-pounds 1-ounce—less than a 3-pound difference! Whew—that was awful close!

Jacob Powroznik is single, 39-years-old, and lives in the Courthouse area in Prince George.

Jacob Powroznik at the Bassmaster Classic event. (Eric Reilley, Quicksilver/Mercury Marine)

“I have been fishing since I was four-years-old, and it has always been my passion,” Powroznik said. “I love the outdoors, and I can’t even imagine my working life spent behind a desk. I am probably on the water fishing 275 days out of 365. I was blessed to have the support system that encouraged me to follow my dreams. My dad had his own business, and I would work for him part-time, but when a tournament came up, I had the flexibility to pick up and go. Along the way, I was fortunate enough that I was learning and fishing with Woo Daves and some of the other great anglers. At some point, I was actually making a better living with fishing, and I then became pro. I attribute both my love and success of bass fishing to My dad, David Powroznik, two uncles, Tony and Darryle Powroznik, and my Grandpa Grady.”

What does Powroznik do when he’s not fishing? When he’s not in a tournament, Powroznik is preparing, practicing, mentoring to young fishing enthusiasts, or making appearances for his sponsor, Livingston Lures of San Antonio, Texas.

In the summer, an off-season for bass-fishing, he’s fishing off the coast for cobia. His family has a summer-home on the bay in Port Haywood, Mathews County, Virginia.

“I spend a great deal of time fishing there in the summer, or I follow the fish off the coast of Virginia, and the Carolinas, wherever they go. I also periodically guide for ducks and geese at Blandfield Plantation,” Powroznik said.

Powroznik will compete in an ambitious nine tournaments this year, and will travel roughly 75-days in his truck driving; but he will be gone from home over 125-days just for the fishing tournaments.

To qualify for the Bassmaster Classic, Powroznik had to finish in the top 35 in points in the Elite Series, or win Bassfest, or be in the Classic Bracket Top-8.

“I qualified through the Classic Bracket,” said Powroznik. “Competing in this Bassmaster Classic was very similar to the previous three that I competed in. Lake Hartwell suits my kind of fishing. My strategy is pretty simple. I don’t go to where people are catching fish. I follow the fish to where they are going, and I follow the weather. We have so many highs and lows during the season, and it feels great to come in fifth. To be only a few pounds between fifth and first place is exciting, and gives me drive and momentum for the next eight tournaments for this year.”

Jacob Powroznik displays his catch to thousands of fishing fans during the Classic’s weigh-in.
(Eric Reilley, Quicksilver/Mercury Marine)

“The best thing about my pro-fishing career is sharing my experiences with the young anglers out there. I always advise them to finish high school and college, because becoming a fishing pro is a really-long-shot,” Powroznik said.

Powroznik’s next tournament will be in Sabine River, Orange, Texas. There are currently no tournaments scheduled for Virginia. “I would love to see one of these professional tournaments come to my home state,” Powroznik said.

The 2018 GEICO Bassmaster Classic had an attendance of 143,323 fans. Fifty-two competitors in the event had to qualify to compete. It’s been called the “Test of the Best” bass anglers in the world. Jacob Powroznik qualified by being the 2017 Bassmaster Classic Bracket Champion. After qualifying at the Bracket Tournament, he had a top-five finish in the Classic, after battling the world’s toughest competitors.

Jacob uses a variety of lures while fishing, including lures that emit electronic baitfish sounds, made by one of his corporate sponsors, Livingston Lures, a company with the goal to make it easy for anyone to catch a fish.

“Fishing has become huge. High schools and colleges now have fishing clubs for young anglers. I love being in the outdoors on a lake, and I still love fishing as much today as I did when I was a 4-year-old boy—probably more.  I am truly blessed. I do what I love for a living, I get to see and go all over the country while I am doing it, and I know I always have a loving and supportive extended family to come home to. I am a truly lucky and blessed man,” said Powroznik.

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