Prince George dedicates new ramp, playground

Prince George county hosted a dedication Wednesday of a new swing, ramp and pathway, at Scott Park.

A crowd gathered in the park next to the Prince George County Administration complex to witness the ribbon cutting and official dedication of the ne equipment. The ramp and pathway are welcome additions, but the swing is the a truly unique addition.

“Our goal has been to give every child an opportunity to play in Prince George County,” said Shel Bolyard-Douglas, Director of Social Services. “The significance of this swing is that it is an ADA approved accessible swing. That means it is approved for a child up to the age of 12 who may not be able to hold themselves upright in a typical swing. They can be transferred from a wheelchair into the swing and buckled in safely and be able to enjoy the swing as any other child is able to enjoy.”

Bolyard-Douglas had many thanks to give to the Prince George Board of Supervisors for all of their help throughout the project. The biggest thanks were for the grants that made the project possible by the Rotary District 7600, the Rotary International Foundation and the Prince George Parks and Recreation Foundation.

“I don’t know if you have been on a playground where you hear children swinging and laughing and enjoying, that is the outcome that we are looking for,” Bolyard-Douglas said. “That is the goal. The job of children is to play, laugh and have fun. That is the result we are looking for.”

Partners of the project will be working with Bolyard-Douglas and Prince George County in the future. This is the first project of its kind in the county, Bolyard-Douglas hopes it is the first of many. Jeff Stoke, President of the Parks and Recreation Department, also spoke of future projects.

“The mission Prince George Parks and Recreation Foundation is to enhance and expand recreation programs, services and facilities in our community,” Stoke said. “We see we are out here doing that today. We look forward to working with Rotary in the future for future accessible projects and playgrounds around Prince George County.”

Stoke said the Parks and Recreation Foundation served as the pass-through for the grant and chipped in when necessary to cover the cost of the project. Although the dedication was held Wednesday, citizens were enjoying the new equipment.

“I walk the park during my lunch break,” Bolyard-Douglas said. “I have seen some moms trying to get strollers into the play area. It is a little bit of a challenge, but even yesterday when I took my walk, they went right into the play area. It was beautiful to see there were strollers actually rolling right into the play area.”

Featured Photo: Ben May/Prince George Journal
Prince George Rotarians and County leaders cut the ribbon for the new swing, ramp and footpath

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