Prince George County Employees Come Through for Super Kids!

By: Sherry Williams Kidd | Email: Click Here
Posted: Jan. 4, 2018 | 1:35 p.m. 

PRINCE GEORGE – In the spirit of holiday giving, employees of Prince George County came through, in a big way, for Super Kids Ministries! Prince George employees were challenged to donate to the Super Kids Ministries, and they came through even more than they could have imagined. They donated many, many needed pieces of furniture and other items for the group Home.

The County employees also conducted a charitable luncheon on behalf of the Ministries, and collected monetary donations as well. The County Administrator, Percy Ashcraft, accompanied by county employees made the generous donation to Super Kids Ministries on Monday, December 18, at 2:00 p.m in the newly-built Adult Home.

“Our Prince George County employees are simply the best and have the biggest hearts,” said Corrie Hurt, CPP, Human Resources Supervisor. She continued, “We were challenged to help Super Kids Ministries in completing their new group home for intellectually-challenged adults. Our employees went over-and-above to make this happen.”

Accepting the donations on behalf of the ministries were Dolores and Gary Lane, both members of the Super Kid Ministries Board, and with the ministries since its inception. “This donation means an awful lot to us,” said Dolores. She continued, “For the Prince George residents, and now Prince George County employees, to be a part and help us with this is tremendous. These Super Kids, intellectually-challenged adults need familiar surroundings; not to be shipped off somewhere. Those staying here will be a part of a family. Their families can stop by anytime and take them places or just spend time with them. They will have their own activities here. Most importantly, they will be part of a loving, nurturing, Christian environment.”

Super Kids Ministries has completed phase 1 of their group home, which will be able to provide long-term care to adults with intellectual disabilities. The history of The Super Kids begins with Dolores Holland Lane. Dolores believes that there is a plan and purpose for your life to prosper you, and not to harm you. She believes that God has a plan for all lives.

On a cold day, on January 23, 1944, twins were born in the Holland family. Dolores was a healthy baby, but Frances, her sister, was born with the extra chromosome that makes a Down syndrome baby.

The two sisters grew up together, experiencing many of the same things that little girls do in their young lives. But the differences surfaced with the problems of the developmental delays that Frances had due to her Down syndrome. Dolores realized that Frances shared many of the same desires that she had but could not accomplish many of them on her own. The family also wanted things for Frances, to give her a more abundant life, and to help her overcome the challenges she faced daily.

As the two sisters grew into adulthood, a local pastor told Dolores about a camp in Lynchburg, Virginia, called Eagle Eyrie, that held a retreat for those with special needs each summer. At the pastor’s invitation, the sisters attended and Dolores was so surprised to discover activities, Sunday School classes, social events, and so much more for her sister to participate in, with and without her family. Both sisters were beyond happy.

When they came home, the family wanted to continue what they had experienced, without having to wait another year for camp. Dolores loved the idea of a Sunday school class for her sister. Much to her surprise, she was asked to be the teacher. She was a bit wary of her abilities to take on such a task, but being the faithful person she was, she accepted the challenge and a class was formed at her church. There were only a few in the class at first, but the Super Kids were formed with that little group in Dolores’s class.

Many other activities soon started for The Super Kids such as going to the Richmond Braves games, swimming parties, fishing, bowling, dances, and holiday parties. The Super Kids began their own ministry by going to visit residents at local nursing homes and those who were sick in their church family. Super Kids Ministries now tries to have one planned group activity each month.

Over the past few years, Super Kids have had approximately 30 Super Kids and 25 counselors attending weekend retreats at Eagle Eyrie each October. At their last few Christmas Banquets, they have had approximately 130 to 150 Super Kids, family members, volunteers, and friends in attendance!

The newest and perhaps greatest accomplishment of the Super Kids Ministries, is the recent nearly-completed Group Home for intellectually-challenged adults. For so long, Dolores, and so many families, had experienced great anxiety about what would become of their Super Kid after they were gone or when they could no longer care for them. After many years of being the voice of her Super Kids, Dolores’ dream is on the way to becoming a reality. After much waiting; many generous donations; and so many good, generous, and decent people getting-behind the dream; the dream has been fulfilled with the building of the Frances Holland–Woo Daves Group Home for mentally challenged adults.

Super Kids Ministries believes that all people with intellectual disabilities are entitled to a loving, caring and Christian environment in which to live, enjoy life, and have a feeling of self-worth. It is their mission to provide supervised activities in a safe environment throughout the year for all ages, and to provide residential living facilities with a compassionate Christian environment for adults with intellectual challenges.

Super Kids is in the last phases of opening its adult home. It will require volunteers, counselors, supplies, and donations for the day-to-day operations. The Super Kids Ministry is an approved 501C3 charitable organization, and all donations are tax-deductible. Federal Tax ID is: 03-0506632. Donations are accepted through Pay-Pal, check, cash, or by credit card on their website at

“My daughter, Joy, is a Super Kid,” said Jane Burijon. She continued, “She doesn’t speak, but she’s as pleasant and as happy as can be, and hasn’t a care in the world. She is 38-years-old, and is an absolute joy to be around. This home for Super Kids is truly a Blessing. We’re not getting any younger, and wondering what will happen to her when I can no longer care for her has always been my first concern. Knowing that she would be safe if anything happened to me has taken away my greatest burden and fear. She knows all of these wonderful people and is involved in all the activities. If the time comes, she would be well-cared for. That is just the best gift, to have this peace of mind. This is truly a lovely facility. She loves the people, and they love her.”

Super Kids Ministries worked so hard and so long to bring this Group Home to fruition. This home will surely provide peace of mind to so many. Can there be any better gift than this?

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