Prince George Christmas Parade celebrates a “Merry Christmas Past and Present!”

By: Sherry Williams Kidd | Email: Click Here
Posted: Dec. 7, 2017 | 11:25 a.m. 

PRINCE GEORGE – Prince George held its annual festive and joyous Christmas Parade on Saturday, ringing in the holiday season in the county.

The parade was organized and sponsored by the Prince George County Department of Parks and Recreation. The parade, consisting of 57 separate entries of every conceivable size, shape, and description imaginable, began at the Beazley Elementary School/Scott Park area and continued down Courthouse Road to Rolling Meadows subdivision.

There were crowds of happy spectators along the entire route, with an audible buzz of excitement in the air as the parade grew closer.

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As the very first unit of the parade, a beautiful antique fire engine, reached the different throngs of spectators along the route, the buzz of excitement elevated—from both young and old alike.

The Grand Marshall of this year’s parade was Brenda Skalsky. Brenda served as Grand Marshall in honor of her late husband, Jerry Skalsky, to commemorate his purpose-driven life of public service.

Jerry proudly and honorably served over 30 years on the Prince George DPR Advisory Commission.

“The theme of this year’s Christmas Parade was ‘Merry Christmas Past and Present,'” Keith Rotzoll, Director of Prince George’s Department of Parks and Recreation said. “The Prince George County Christmas Parade has been a proud annual tradition for over 25 years!”

He continued, “It just keeps getting better each year. We are so grateful to all those with entries in the parade, all the volunteers that helped out, and all our partners, that made this the huge success that it is! Without all of them, this could not have happened.”

As each float and entry went by, each seemingly more glorious and grander than the one before, the children in the crowds grew more excited and seemed to strain their necks in hopes of getting just a glimpse of that last float—the one that they had been told would carry the Big Man himself.

A 10-year-old boy in the crowd, Taylor Edmunds, was asked what his favorite entry in the parade was.

Taylor promptly replied that he had not seen all the entries yet. He was then asked if it would probably be Santa. Taylor, very matter-of-factly replied, “Well, I don’t know if Santa will really be in the parade or not.” Taylor was then surprised that it was a tradition for Santa to arrive in the last float of a Christmas parade. He then said, “Well, so far I like the martial arts the best, but I would probably change my mind if Santa really shows up.”

As Santa finally came into view of the children, their applause and roars became deafening—to include young Taylor!

Many of the children were just yelling “hello” or “Merry Christmas” to Santa, but others were actually trying to convey their Christmas wishes over the roar of the crowd. Could anyone have heard anything over that roar?

Well, they say Santa knows everything! Merry Christmas Prince George!

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Photos Courtesy: Rodger Allen Kidd and Prince George Department of Parks and Recreation
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