Planning Commission Receives First Residential Poultry Update

Posted: July 31, 2020 | 10:00 a.m.

By Rodney Robinson


PRINCE GEORGE, Va — The Planning Commission received its first residential poultry update on Thursday night.

Originally, this request was started from a complaint, not in favor, of having chickens on the property. In response, there were many requests from people who were in favor.

At the June 25, 2020 Planning Commission meeting, the staff shared letters from citizens requesting that chickens be allowed to be kept on residential lots smaller than the existing two-acre minimum. In response, the commission asked staff to provide a draft ordinance which would allow the commission to consider possible ordinance changes to accommodate chickens and other poultry on smaller lots.

Currently, no chickens are allowed on less than two acres. The staff recommends that requirements should remain consistent amongst all zoning districts.

Presently, there isn’t a timeline on a decision for this ordinant. The staff has asked the board to take a look at this and give feedback for the July 31 date.

The board heard three cases on Thursday, in which they approved.

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