Oysters, Barbecue, and Historic Battersea!

By: Sherry Williams Kidd | Twitter: @PGJournal
Posted: November 12, 2018 | 12:30 p.m. 

VIRGINIA – The Battersea Foundation hosted “Oysters, barbecue…Battersea,” on Saturday, November 3. The event was held on the impeccably-manicured grounds of the historic Battersea home, with delicious seasonal foods, several brews to include scotch and bourbon, and so much more. 

Proceeds from the event will be used to continue repairs and restoration to Battersea, located at 1289 Upper Appomattox Street, Petersburg, 23803. The beautiful, crisp autumn afternoon revealed numerous improvements and repairs to the historic home, all made possible by generous contributions of donors, and through the fund-raising efforts of the Battersea Foundation.

“2018 marks Battersea’s 250th birthday, and the  Battersea Foundation has made tremendous progress on the restoration, with very strong community support, said Martha Burton, Battersea Foundation Board Member. “The extensive structural work on the foundation is now complete, as is the work on the west pavilion and most of the east pavilion. There is now heat and electricity in the house. The entrance hall is also well on the way to being complete, and additional work on the interior has commenced. Now that visitors can see the progress, it is very exciting! The Battersea Foundation is committed to finishing the work on this very significant national treasure. We are asking everyone to please consider giving a birthday gift to Battersea this year so that we can finally bring this project to a beautiful and successful finish!”

There was great food, great drink, great socializing, and great weather for the event! Gorgeous classic British cars were on display and were the envy of every car enthusiast in attendance. Tastings of “high-brow” scotch and bourbon were available. 

Many with “discriminating” tastes of high-brow brews were well-pleased; others, not-so-much! Several of the event attendees commented that they had not visited Battersea recently, and were both pleased and surprised at the extent and the beauty of the restorations and improvements.

For additional information on contributing to the Battersea restoration, telephone (804) 732-9882, or visit www.batterseafound.org.

Larry Tucker (Battersea Board Member), Betty Ann Tucker, Brittany Chappel, Natalie Chappel holding Madelyn Chappel, Ann Chappel, and Franklin Chapel, all of Dinwiddie enjoying the event. (Rodger Allen Kidd)

“The greenhouse on the property is also very historic Burton said. “It was originally constructed between 1825 & 1835, and one of the few still in existence today. John Banister was very interested in botany and exchanged ideas and information about plants and gardening with Thomas Jefferson.”

The Battersea Foundation is also well underway with preparations for the upcoming Historic Petersburg Holiday Homes Tour. This beautiful, festive, and much-anticipated holiday event will also help support the completion of Battersea. This historic tour will take place on Sunday, December 9, from 12 noon to 5 p.m. The homes featured this year will be around Poplar Lawn Park and will include the Ragland Mansion, Trinity Church, and homes on and around Sycamore, Marshall, and Adams Streets. 

The tour will commence at the Cameron Foundation’s historic headquarters. Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 on the day of the tour. For additional information on the tour, visit https://petersburghomestour.com, or telephone (804) 732-9882.

“Battersea is a Virginia Historic Landmark, and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places,” Burton said.” “It is a treasure and gift to all of us. It is also up to all of us to restore and maintain it. Without upkeep and restoration to our historic places, they will be lost to us forever.”

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