Longtime Registrar Tyler honored by county following retirement

By: Michael Campbell | Twitter: @itsthesoup
Posted: July 29, 2018 | 1:10 p.m. 

PRINCE GEORGE – Katherine Tyler, the longtime registrar of Prince George County and the face of local elections every year has begun her transition to a life of retirement following after announcing she was stepping aside after 47 years of service earlier this year. 

Earlier this month, Tyler had to return to the Prince George County Administration Building, but not to discuss the registrar’s office’s plans for the next election or talk about the voting machines or locations. Instead, Tyler was surrounded by friends and family as she received a formal commendation for her nearly five decades of service to the people of the county.

Tyler was appointed to serve as registrar of the county in March of 1998, a role she served in until July 1 of this year. In June of 1979, she began her time with Prince George County, working as a part-time office associate before becoming a part-time regular office associate in June of 1988.

Having served as the lead in running dozens of county elections, and a number of state and presidential elections, Tyler became known for her service with a smile, ensuring that all of the county’s poll workers are trained while making sure customer needs were addressed.

“Her motherly personality made the citizens feel good and glad they had a chance to talk to her,” an excerpt of the commendation read.

The commendation continued, “Throughout her remarkable career with Prince George County, Katherine Tyler has served citizens of the County and all political parties to the utmost of her ability, demonstrating patriotism and integrity in a manner bespeaking the dedication of a true public servant.”

Katherine Tyler was all smiles as Supervisor Marlene Waymack reads a commendation honoring Tyler for her decades of service to Prince George County. (Michael Campbell)

Sharing a hug with county supervisors and wearing her iconic bright smile, Tyler thanked the community as members of her family and friends gave her a standing ovation for the decades of service she provided to the Prince George community.

While she didn’t speak during this month’s meeting, in an earlier interview, Tyler reflected on her time with Prince George County while sharing what’s next for the now-former face of Prince George elections.

“This has been such a fun and rewarding job, and I have so loved working here,” she said. “That is why I have waited so long to retire. I have worked with wonderful co-workers, and I have always had great Electoral Boards to work with. The county has always been so kind and supportive of this office, and has provided everything I have needed to run smooth and efficient elections.”

“I don’t have any immediate plans for anything except to rest for awhile, and then maybe travel. I just want to enjoy my family, especially my grandchildren,” Tyler stated with a bright smile.

The Electoral Board appointed Allan Richeson as the new General Registrar for Prince George County, the former General Registrar of Hopewell, who began serving in his role effective July 1.

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