Library hosts display

Stop by the Hopewell Library to view a wonderful exhibit which celebrates the 100th Anniversary of Hopewell. Located in the center aisle of the Hopewell Library, it features postcards depicting historical buildings and street scenes from the first half of Hopewell history, 1915 to 1966. The large framed pictures were donated to the Ann K. and Preston H. Leake Local History and Genealogical Collection (LHGC) by Mrs. Rae Blaha in memory of her husband Frank J. Blaha, Jr. Mr. Blaha was a well-known local businessman, civic leader and avid big game hunter. These images adorned the walls of his office.

The small framed pictures were donated by Del Williams. Mrs. Williams believes that her husband, Thomas Williams, received them from Gene Forti, former owner of the Anchor Room – a well-known pizza parlor and gathering place. View the postcards at the Hopewell Library from June through August as part of the Hopewell 100th Anniversary celebration.

For more information about the Local History and Genealogical Collection and other resources of the Appomattox Regional Library System, please check the library website at or call 804-458-6329.

Featured Photo: Contributed
Mrs. Rae Blaha and Jeanie Langford, Library Assistant and Archivist, admire the postcard images, donated in honor of Frank Blaha which bring to life the early days of Hopewell. Stop by the Hopewell Library to see the collection.

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