Governor Northam, Del. Cox raise money for Salvation Army in CH

By: Michael Campbell | Twitter: @itsthesoup
Posted: December 20, 2018 | 11:00 a.m. 

COLONIAL HEIGHTS – At opposite sides of the aisle in Richmond, Wednesday, two of Virginia’s leaders put political debates aside to raise money for those in need during the holiday season.

Standing outside of the Sam’s Club store in Colonial Heights, Governor Ralph Northam and Delegate Kirk Cox (R-66 – Chesterfield, Colonial Heights), who also serves as speaker of the House of Delegates donned the iconic red aprons of The Salvation Army and rang their bell to garner donations for the organization during its annual holiday drive.

“Helping those in need knows no party,” Cox said on social media Wednesday. “Thanks to Governor Northam for coming to Colonial Heights and highlighting the great work of The Salvation Army does for our community.”

Delegate and Speaker of the House of Delegates Kirk Cox and Governor Ralph Northam set aside politics to meet a common goal of supporting their community, spending time in Colonial Heights raising money for The Salvation Army and bringing smiles to shoppers at the local Sam’s Club store. (Delegate Kirk Cox)

Both men spent time greeting shoppers as they entered the store and collected donations in the organization’s iconic red kettle.

The governor echoed Cox’s sentiments in a post on social media later that day.

“Our politics can get spirited, but today I was glad to join Speaker Cox in the holiday spirit to support The Salvation Army and the important work they do to help Virginians in need,” Northam said.

According to The Salvation Army, the donations made in the red kettles like the ones Cox and Northam rang the bell next to stay local to help those in need without discrimination.

Last year, The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign raised over $144.5 million nationally thanks to donations from individuals and corporate partners.

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