UPDATE: Mumford unanimously appointed to serve out Skalsky’s remaining term on Board

By Michael Campbell, News Editor
Updated: 7:08 p.m. | June 20, 2017

PRINCE GEORGE – During a special meeting Tuesday, supervisors unanimously selected Hugh Mumford as the person who will serve the remaining term of late Prince George District 1 Supervisor Jerry Skalsky.

Hugh Mumford

During the roughly 30-minute meeting, the board was left to consider the three candidates that made applied to fill the position following Skalsky’s death, which included Mumford, Jerry Skalsky’s wife Brenda, and Disputanta resident Wayne Cunningham.

When it came time to submit nominations, Supervisor Alan Carmichael was joined by Chairman Bill Robertson and T.J. Webb in voicing their support for Mumford, while reiterating that any of the three candidates would have been fine representatives for District 1 and the county.

No supervisors nominated Brenda Skalsky or Cunningham, with the board’s lone nomination of Mumford passing unanimously ahead of the July 7 deadline that the board of supervisors had to fill the vacancy before the matter was turned over to the circuit court for resolution.

Among other reasons, supervisors said they were pleased with the message Mumford gave during last Friday’s special meeting where he said he  would be willing to resign from the position immediately following the November election to allow the candidate the voters select on November 7 to begin serving as soon as possible.

Supervisors stated Friday they had no intention of considering any candidates who were running for the District 1 seat in the general election to serve in Skalsky’s former seat to complete the term.

None of the three candidates who entered their names for consideration of appointment are running in the November election, according to the candidate list provided by the Prince George registrar.

Mumford will be sworn in during the time between the board’s next scheduled meeting on July 11.

The Prince George Journal’s News Editor Michael Campbell was in attendance for Tuesday’s special meeting and will have more, including an interview with Hugh Mumford who spoke following his selection by the board, along with comments from supervisors in the next issue of The Prince George Journal and on ThePrinceGeorgeJournal.com.


By Michael Campbell, News Editor
4:04 p.m. | June 19, 2016

PRINCE GEORGE – The county’s board of supervisors is expected to meet Tuesday evening to continue their discussion on who they believe should be appointed to serve out the remainder of late District 1 Supervisor Jerry Skalsky’s term, which runs through the end of December.

Tuesday at 6 p.m., supervisors will mull over the three candidates who have expressed interest in serving on the board to complete Skalsky’s remaining term as a call for interested candidates has ended after supervisors voted to close the application process to additional candidates during a special meeting Friday.

During the special meeting, the three candidates, Jerry Skalsky’s wife Brenda, and District 1 residents Wayne Cunningham and Hugh Mumford all spoke before the board stating why they should be appointed to the seat.

Prior to the start of the discussion, Board Chairman Bill Robertson stressed that they have no intention of appointing anyone to the seat who has already declared themselves as a candidate for the seat on the November ballot in an effort to prevent the appearance of favoritism toward any one candidate.

“We do not want to show favoritism as we understand that there are three candidates running in District 1 and it’s the citizens who should decide who should represent them,” Robertson remarked.

According to the Prince George Registrar’s Office, Floyd Brown, Joseph Wallace, and Shayne Bridgman have all been certified as candidates for the November 7 election.

Below is the text of the statements delivered by Brenda Skalsky, Cunningham and Mumford to the Board and provided to the county for its records:

Brenda Sober Skalsky

I am seeking the appointment to complete the term of Supervisor for my late husband, Jerry Joseph Skalsky, which ends December 31, 2017. As Jerry was a long advocate for “staggered” terms of office, he chose to take the two year term for voting District One. Just in the past year, he and I had a discussion about his health. He asked me if I would take his place if something prevented him from finishing. I feel it’s appropriate for me to complete his commitment to his beloved county. I seek no further office after his term is over. I am qualified for this appointment to Supervisor as I have a multi-task background in leadership and membership. I was born in 1943 and raised in Prince George County until annexed by Hopewell ten years later. Since marriage, I have been a Prince George citizen for 53 years. My involvement with Prince George County affairs began with the formation of the Prince George Emergency Crew in 1970 as a chartered Auxiliary member and trained in Advanced First Aid. Shortly afterwards, I became a state certified EMP and “pulled duty” as a spouse-partner from 1977-1980, then became a full member of the crew in 1980. I am a former LPN (Va. and Tenn.), EMT-Cardiac Tech, CPR instructor, HAZMAT I instructor, and EMT instructor. I have taught a number of rescue squads in the area. I have held offices both locally and in the Third District of VAVRS. As a Life Member, I continue to interact with the crew, esepcially having been chaplain for many years. Jerry and I pulled duty for 20 years together. Other former activities include co-chair of the Hopewell-Prince George American Red Cross, and Volunteer Coordinator for the Prince George Food Bank. I am still a member of the Prince George Regional Heritage Museum and participate in the Czech Slovak Festival planning. I have a BS in Middle School Education from VSU and post-grad certification in Gifted Education for the state of Virginia. I taught 13 years in Petersburg and then 15+ years in Hopewell. I taught whereever needed – English, History, Math, and Chemistry-Physical Science. I served as a mentor for new teachers and consultant for SOLs. However, I retired early to help care for my grandchildren, a different type of education adn committment. I have attended all VACo and NACo conferences that Jerry attended but one. I have participated in the seminars at each conference, taking notes and providing the other Prince George delegates with my notes and handouts. Over a two-year period, I participated with the planning and execution of the 2007 NACo Conference which was held in Virginia Gentlemen, I ask for the opportunity to fulfill my husband request of me. [Signed, Brenda Sober Skalsky]

Wayne Cunningham

Good evening. First I want to say to the Skalsky family, I’m sorry for their loss and also to the board members because you lost a friend and colleague too. In politics, no matter what side of the aisle you fall on with a particular issue at any given time, you still need to work together and stay friends afterwards and that seemed to be the case with Jerry. So that is why I’m here today to tel you a little bit about myself and why I hope you will select me to finish out Jerry’s remaining term on the board. I was born in Virginia on Fort Lee and graudated from Dinwiddie High School. My dad served 21 years in the Army and ran a tight, disciplined ship where I and my two brothers and two sisters all had to study hard in school and do all kinds of chores around the house and get jobs when we were of age. He wanted us to be able to think and do for ourselves when we became adults. He wanted us to be able to think and do for ourselves when we became adults. Dad would not accept anything done halfway and that is what has now been intilled into every aspect of my life. It didn’t matter if I was participating in sports, coaching, doing my job where I was employed, or at different small businesses I had started, I always strived to do my best. I’ve experienced both sides of the workforce as an employee and in management for different companies which also included training new employees. Now in government, I’m heavily involved in our District and State government as well as following our local government. I know and have worked with several Delegates and Senators throughout the state. So to sum up what I bring to the table is my strong work ethics, my management skills to work with the board, citizens, any companies and state officials. Also, I bring my business experience as a small business owner. I come with no agenda but only to serve with other board members for the citizens of Prince George County. Thank you for your time. [Signed, Wayne Cunningham]

Hugh Mumford

I am Hugh Mumford and have resided at 9500 Lamore Drive in District 1 since 1968. Although asked repeatedly for years to run for the Prince George Board of Supervisors, I have continually made it very clear that I would not – never any intentions to do so. However, when my friend’s sudden death occurred and it became apparent that for the short term this board needed help, I decided to offer my services. My God fiven talents have allowed me to work for this county’s public schools in some capacity for over fifty years. I’ve served on and chaired the school board, served on and chaired the planning commission, been a member of the board of zoning appeals, an most recently as a trustee on the emergency crew board. Should I be selected for the open position, I am willing to resign immediately after the November 2017 elections and allow the newly elected person to begin serving – if that is the board’s pleasure. I would also sign a letter of commitment stating such if desired. My word is my bond! Thank you. [Signed, Hugh Mumford]

The Prince George Board of Supervisors has until July 7 by state law to fill the vacancy on the county board. If it isn’t filled by then, the decision moves on to the county’s circuit court where a judge will make the appointment.

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