County offices scheduled to reopen June 17 after months-long closure

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Posted: June 5, 2020 | 10:30 a.m.

PRINCE GEORGE – On Monday, June 8, Prince George County Government offices will remain closed to the public but will remain open for business via phone and email until Tuesday, June 16 when we will re-evaluate the pandemic status.  County offices may tentatively open Wednesday, June 17.

In an effort to keep County government operational, we are asking all departments to develop processes that adhere to social distancing while continuing public service.

The public will be allowed to attend the Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission, and Fire/EMS Advisory Board meetings scheduled for June under local guidelines developed in accordance with the Governor’s executive orders.  Under Governor Northam’s Phase II guidelines, a maximum of 50 people will be allowed into the boardroom during public meetings as of June 5, 2020.

A quorum of the Board of Supervisors shall meet in person for a regular board meeting.  Up to two board members may call in via phone.  The Board shall be spaced apart on the dais with the County Administrator and County Attorney seated in the audience area.

The Board of Supervisors may meet electronically for emergency matters dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic since the Governor has declared a state of emergency and if the catastrophic nature of the emergency may make it impracticable or unsafe to meet in one location.  The purpose of the meeting must be to address the emergency.  Notice of the meeting must be given using the best available method at the same time members get notice.  Arrangements must be made for public access.  The minutes must state the nature of the emergency, the fact that the meeting was held electronically and the type of electronic communications utilized.

There shall be 50 or less in the boardroom at all times.  The audio in the hallway will remain on for people outside the boardroom.  The media will be allowed in the boardroom.

The meeting will be live-streamed using YouTube Live, a free service, via the County channel. 

The meeting will also have a Zoom link established for citizens to watch and participate. Staff will provide updates on the County Facebook and Twitter page for those who cannot video stream due to poor internet/cell service or data costs.

There are three types of public comments:

General Public Comments at the beginning of Board meetings.  This includes Board of Supervisors, Fire/EMS Advisory or any public meeting.

Public Hearing Comments on specific public hearing topics.

Planning Commission comments during Planning Commission meetings.

There are three options to provide public comments:

– Appear in person at the meeting.  Per Governor Northam’s Phase II guidelines, up to 50 people may be in the boardroom during a public meeting.  A moderator will call public speakers one at a time to the podium.

– Use the Zoom information provided by the County to give audio/video comments.  Please check the County website for each meeting’s Zoom link information.

– Using the Prince George County website public comment form. 

We request that all public comments be submitted before 5 p.m. on meeting days so that the members will have a chance to review the comments.  Comments will be sent directly to the County Board and appropriate County staff.  General Public Comments will not be included in the official minutes after the public comment period closes on the meeting day per the time noted by the Clerk.  Public Hearing Comments will not be included in the official minutes after the public hearing closes on the meeting day per the time noted by the Clerk.

PGC Guest Wi-Fi will be available in the building using the password, “pgcguest.”

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