‘Bubba’s Chikin-N-Thangs’: Unique name draws diners into Route 10 restaurant

By: Sherry Williams Kidd | Email: Click Here
Posted: Apr. 28, 2018 | 2:35 p.m. 

PRINCE GEORGE – Bubba’s Chikin-N-Thangs? Why on earth would anyone choose such a name for an eating establishment? Is this for real? Yes, this eating establishment does indeed exist in the Burrowsville, Spring Grove, and/or Disputanta area of Prince George County, right off of Route 10. The mailing address is Disputanta; however, one could debate on its actual physical location.

Let us first begin examining the name of this eating establishment in Prince George County by breaking down the myriad of inaccuracies in the name “Bubba’s Chikin-N-Thangs.” This examination would undoubtedly be infinitely more comprehensive and understandable with the use of a powerpoint presentation; however, this option is not viable for a newspaper article.

Is it even plausible or conceivable that a self-respecting parent might actually name their child Bubba? Isn’t “Bubba” something of a slang, local-yokel, colloquial term—perhaps used affectionately between fishin, huntin, or NASCAR racin enthusiasts? One will notice that the “g” has been omitted from words ending with “ing.” This is not a mistake, but merely an accurate depiction of how these words are pronounced in certain circles—as the sign must surely attempt to convey. Outrageous.

Bubba’s Chikin-N-Thangs –is this truly the name of an eating establishment in Prince George County

Let us now move on to the word “chikin.” Most of us learned to spell this word correctly in grade school. Why were two perfectly-fine letters incorrect? The second-c, just before the k, was left out all together, and the e inexplicably exchanged for an i. You may surmise that perhaps leaving out the  letter c may have saved the owner a few bucks when paying for the sign. Well, truth be known, even Wheel of Fortune doesn’t charge for a consonant. Therefore, the “c” may have been thrown in for free! Upon further examination and inspection; however, one will find that the “I” put in place of the correct “e” just prior to the “n” at the end of the word is just wrong on so many levels! Surely an I is no more costly than an e. Outrageous!

It is important that we use proper grammar, pronunciation, enunciation, and spelling at all times and in all instances, even when referring to that southern delicacy, and consummate Sunday-go-to-meeting entree–fried chicken.

We shall now examine the “N,” which was used instead of the correct “and,” which was the obvious intent of this sole “N,” standing alone, hopelessly and woefully inadequate for its intended purpose. Come on, just add an “a” and a “d,” and you have a perfectly acceptable and viable word. How much could two letters cost? Perhaps we could chip in and buy them an “a” and a “d.” Outrageous.

Oh dear, moving on to the worst transgression of all, “thangs.” Thangs? Thangs? Was there a special on the letter “a” when this sign was ordered? Was there a dire shortage of the letter “i?” Is this word “thang” supposed to bring us back to the days of the beloved Beverly Hillbillies t.v. show, when Granny would frequently be heard saying such “things” as, “what’s this new-fangled thang,” or “I’ll tell you a thang or two,” or “that dadburn goat ate all my purty green plants and thangs.” Or perhaps this word is supposed to remind us of our children or today’s urban street youth when they say such “things” as “It ain’t nuthin but a thang.” We correct our children when they say thang, perhaps someone should locate this “Bubba” and school him! Outrageous.

O.k., by now you may be asking why does any of this matter. Well, with a name like, “Bubba’s Chikin-N-Thangs,” this place better have really great chikin, or chicken, and thangs or things, if it wants to make a real go of it! I suppose the proof is in the pudding. (For those of you that have not yet lost interest in this article, you will notice that there is a “g” on the word “pudding;” which is infinitely preferable to the banana or bread “puddin” that many of us loved in our youth.)

As it turns out, Bubba’s Chikin-N-Thangs, is not owned by a Bubba at all. It is owned by James (Jim) Clanton. When asked why the name, “Bubba’s Chikin-N-Thangs,” was chosen, Clanton explained, “Well, there are so many good country folks in this very-rural area of Prince George county, that we just thought it was a good fit, and would be appropriate and funny.” Bubba’s Chikin-N-Thangs is located at 17607 James River Drive, Disputanta, 12842.

“I had been in this type of business for years at another location in Prince George, so I already had equipment and I truly enjoy this kind of business of providing really good food,” said Clanton. “Some of the same customers are still with me from my previous business, and I’m happy that we now have many repeat customers from right here at Bubba’s. I felt there was a need to provide this type of service, really good food at reasonable prices, in this rural area of Prince George. It was under-served in the way of really-good prepared food. There is also quite a bit of traffic along Route 10, so everything just clicked together and we came up with Bubba’s,” said Clanton.

Say what?! Feeling plucky? This chicken finishes-off the haute couture decorative furnishings of the dining area.

Now, to report on the actual taste and quality of the delicacies offered at Bubba’s Chikin-N-Thangs. First of all, we know they have chikin—or fried chicken. To go along with the chicken, their daily sides are green beans, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, potato wedges, potato salad, macaroni salad, baked beans, and coleslaw. Each day they offer one additional side such as collard greens or butter beans—true southern delicacies; however, as stated earlier, the proof is in the puddin—sorry, pudding.

A gentleman was in-line purchasing chicken and all the fixins, or rather fixings, for his family after church on Sunday afternoon. “We have the grandchildren today and we usually always stop in here on Sundays when they are visiting. The food is very good, and it is fast and easy. It is a delicious meal that both grandkids and the adults like. The prices are also very reasonable,” said Mike Perkinson, Prince George.

The name of the young man that took our order was Roger Fisher. He was polite, engaging, and attentive. “I really enjoy working here. The people I work with are great and it’s definitely better than other places I have worked before. Even though I have worked here for two-years, I still really love the food, and that doesn’t usually happen when you’re around the same thing all the time.

Now, the food. In a word, this chicken is amazing. It is not 30 percent breading as found so much in fast-food chicken. It is lightly-breaded and seasoned impeccably. The chicken is lightly crisped on the outside, but on the inside, it is juicy and moist beyond belief! The sides are also delicious and have a true southern taste. This place is well-worth the trip for impeccable fried chicken, that is second to none! It will honestly take you back to Sunday dinners with your Mom’s or Grandmother’s fried chicken as the main course—only—now don’t become enraged—but this chicken is hands-down far-superior in taste, and because it is  so consistently crisp on the outside, yet moist inside.

Bubba’s Chikin-N-Thangs can be reached by telephone at (804) 458-2445. They are closed on Mondays, and close early on Sundays. You can dine-in, take-out, or call your orders in. They also have an incredible selection of homemade cobblers that are nothing-less-than amazing! These homemade desserts are by-far better than any offered anywhere. On Thursday’s, Bubba’s offers homemade meatloaf. “We have many customers that come out every Thursday for the meatloaf,” Clanton said. If it is as good as the chicken, it is easy to see why.

There is an old saying that is absolutely meaningless. When tasting something that is really delicious, some people will say, “This is so good, it will make you want to smack your Mama.” Outrageous—why would anyone physically assault their Mother because she made a delicious dish? If this saying; however, is one you use when tasting something absolutely delicious, just one bite of this delicious chicken, and you will no doubt lapse into that meaningless phrase—but please DO NOT slap anyone’s Mother! Y’all bring us back some now—ya hear? Oh dear!

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