Brand-new American flag presented to Disputanta VFD

By: Sherry Williams Kidd | Twitter: @PGJournal
Posted: October 13, 2018 | 12:30 p.m. 

PRINCE GEORGE – In a ceremony held at Disputanta Volunteer Fire Department, Woodmen of the World made a presentation of a brand-new American-made United States Flag to the Disputanta Volunteer Fire Department in Prince George last week.

During a special event, Donna Scott, representative of the Woodmen of the World made the presentation to the firefighters and properly retired Disputanta VFD’s old flag in accordance with established protocol, guidelines, and procedures.

“I have a 30-foot flagpole in my own yard,” said Donald Hunter, Vice-Chair, Prince George Board of Supervisors and Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator, Prince George County. “I am very proud to have served in the Air Force, and that my father and brother served in the Army. I am proud of our military and their selfless service in keeping our great nation free. So, the American flag has special meaning to me. I feel so strongly about it that I requested of my wife that after my death, the only thing I want on my coffin at my funeral, is an American Flag. I am so very thankful to Donna Scott for noticing the condition of Disputanta’s VFD flag, and we deeply appreciate Woodmen of the World’s presentation this evening.”

While traveling to Hopewell to make two flag presentations several weeks ago, Scott passed by the Disputanta Volunteer Fire Department during the trip from her home base of Virginia Beach. She noticed that the American Flag flying so proudly in front of the Disputanta VFD was worn and tattered, and made a mental note of it.

“After my flag presentations in Hopewell, I contacted the Disputanta VFD,” Scott said. “I asked if they would be interested in receiving a brand-new American flag from our organization, and they were quite enthusiastic.”

Woodmen of the World is the fraternal organization of Woodmen Life Insurance, and they have donated more than three million American Flags to nonprofit institutions and organizations since 1947. Woodmen Life Insurance was founded in 1890, with a two-part mission. They provide members with financial security while striving to make a positive difference in communities across America. They are a not-for-profit, member-owned insurance company, and currently have over 700,000 members nationwide. 

“Our members don’t just value and talk about family, community, and country, they come together to celebrate these commitments and put them into action,” Scott said. “Each Woodmen Life chapter works to help bring people together with a wide variety of activities.  They are dedicated to making a difference in their communities, and this commitment to help others is something that is sometimes just hard to find. Our core value is commitment to our country. For this reason, we offer a donation of an American-made United States flag, the symbol of our great Nation, to any non-profit organization in need of one.”

“The old Flag that had been flying outside our Volunteer Fire Department for many years was definitely ready for retirement,” said John Tyrcha, Assistant Chief, Disputanta Volunteer Fire Department. “She served us well for a long time. Sometimes in carrying out our daily duties, we are so busy that we miss things like a torn or faded Flag. We are very appreciative of this beautiful new Flag and thank Woodmen of the World for their generous donation.”

Providing brand-new, American-made United States flags to organizations displaying old, torn, tattered, and faded symbols of our great nation. Then, retiring these proud Flags with respect and dignity. Truly a most noble cause. God Bless America.

If you would like additional information on obtaining an American flag, Woodmen of the World, or Woodmen Life Insurance, you can contact Donna Scott by mail at 1820 Tolstoy Drive, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454, by telephone at (757) 955-1274 or (757) 955-1274, by Fax at (757) 378-2500, or by email at

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