Abandoned Dog at Prince George Animal Services and Adoption Center, is Dog-Gone!

By: Sherry Williams Kidd | Email: Click Here
Posted: Mar. 5, 2018 | 1:45 p.m. 

A very happy Zeus after his first meal at the Center!

PRINCE GEORGE – Two weeks ago, a beautiful, frightened, and confused shepherd-mix named Zeus, was discovered in Prince George, tied to a tree in front of a large wooded area by a Prince George County employee.

The Prince George Animal Services and Adoption Center was dispatched. When they responded to the sight, there was a note attached to his collar. The owner of Zeus had also left a bag of dog food next to him.

“The note from the owners said that they could no longer afford to feed Zeus, that he was a good and obedient dog, and that he was 2-years-old. It also said that Zeus was up-to-date on his shots, great with children and other animals, and that they had tried to find Zeus a home, but no one had wanted him,” said Rachel Dlugos, Animal Control Officer.

According to Dlugos, dropping off an animal in this manner, or any other manner, is illegal. “When a pet-owner is no longer able to care for their pet, they have to contact their local animal shelter, or any shelter for that matter, to see if there is space-available,” Dlugos said. Though the Prince George Animal Services and Adoption Center was certain that Zeus was not a stray, they were still required to put him on a 12-day stray-hold, as they are with all animals that come into the center, before they are permitted to put them up for adoption.

Happily, this story had a fantastic ending! “After the 12-day stray-hold, Zeus was adopted immediately, by a wonderful family that has three children,” said Dlugos. This is not always the case. Owners that can no longer take care of their animals should contact all shelters and centers in their area, family, friends, and neighbors. Animals should never be abandoned. Not only is it a crime, it is beyond-cruel to abandon a defenseless domesticated animal with no means of feeding or protecting itself.

“If you are looking for a forever animal, please check with the animal shelters and centers first. Our center, and so many others, are almost-always full. We receive new animals almost every day. The animals in our center are every bit as sweet and loving as those you can buy at an expensive puppy-mill or breeder, sometimes for thousands of dollars. Many of the animals that come into our center have had tough lives, and are so desperate for love, attention, and a home,” remarked Dlugos.

If you are interested in making a donation to the Prince George Animal Services and Adoption Center, donations may be mailed to: Prince George Animal Services and Adoption Center, 8391 County Drive, Disputanta, Virginia, 23852. If you are interested in adoption or would like additional information, you can reach the center by telephone at (804) 991-3200, or contact  them by email at pganimals@princegeorgeva.org .
Zeus is no longer at the Prince George Animal Services and Adoption Center. He’s dog-gone, and that’s a good thing!

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